Benefits Of Prebiotics Beauty Supplements For Healthy Hair And Skin

June 16, 2023

Abstract: A healthy diet is necessary for healthier skin. Foods rich in probiotics and prebiotics can work wonders for your skin and topical applications consisting of prebiotics are also beneficial.

Heading: The Beauty Benefits Of Prebiotic Supplements



Just as taking care of your body and health is important, taking care of your skin too is important. The skin is your body’s largest organ and the most exposed one as well. It needs to be protected from many things, including harmful bacteria, harmful UV rays, and more.

A healthier skin also plays a crucial role in keeping you happy. Isn’t it true that a good skin day is usually some of the happiest days?

Prebiotics and probiotics are known to have many health benefits, including promoting healthy skin and treating skin conditions like eczema, acne, and psoriasis. We outline some of the beauty benefits of prebiotics for skincare and haircare.


What Is Prebiotics?

Before diving into what Prebiotics are, you should know that, like our gut, our skin is also full of microorganisms, both healthy and harmful. Similar to how probiotics balance and promote the growth of healthy bacteria, they also promote healthy bacteria on the skin.

Prebiotics are essentially the food for probiotics. To thrive in the ecosystem, healthy bacteria need the right source of energy, which they get from Prebiotics. Food like bananas, onions, oats, and cocoa are rich in prebiotics. Applying them topically results in a balanced microflora for resilient and healthy skin. 

It’s vital to note that both prebiotics and probiotics should be utilized at the same time because they complement each other and work better together. So, let’s look at how they work together in treating different skin conditions.


Prebiotic And Probiotic Treatments

Food that is rich in Prebiotics like onions and bananas and food rich in probiotics like yogurt should be eaten regularly for long-term health benefits. They are highly useful in treating several skin conditions:


Probiotics, when ingested by mouth, are known to have a significant effect in treating eczema. Moreover, topical applications like oatmeal help these probiotics in colonizing and maintaining a healthy balance on the skin.


Lactobacillus Plantarum is a probiotic which effectively treats acne by repairing skin barriers and reducing acne lesions. It has to be ingested, and again when complemented with a prebiotic, it works twice as better. Ginseng is also a probiotic that reduces inflammation caused by acne and can be applied topically or ingested. 


The lactobacillus microbe also effectively treats psoriasis and, when ingested with probiotic blackcurrant supplements, works more efficiently. Moreover, the topical oatmeal application reduces itchiness associated with psoriasis and eczema as it maintains a healthy microbial balance on the skin.


Final Notes

Prebiotics are essential for probiotics to work, and with increasing research about their benefits, many skin care products include a healthy composition of prebiotics. Prebiotics offer several benefits, including balancing the skin’s pH level, hydrating the skin, promoting the skin barrier, and reducing dryness.

The best part about incorporating probiotics and prebiotics into your daily health and skin regime is that they are so easily available and are part of most people’s daily food intakes already. Now that you know how you can incorporate both into your diet to complement each other, you can choose more carefully the foods you eat and the creams or scrubs you apply to your skin.

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