Improve And Balance Brain Health With Acetyl-L-Carnitine

June 16, 2023

It could be preventing anxiety or depression, increasing memory, improving focus and attention, and sustaining the overall function of our brains as we age. Maintaining brain health should be a top priority for all of us. The supplement acetyl-L-carnitine (ALCAR) must be at the forefront of anyone’s list if they want to minimize the impact of stress on the brain, combat depression, and promote better cognitive performance, including mood and memory.


How L-Carnitine Works

Acetyl-L-carnitine aids the body in producing energy. It is crucial for brain and heart function as well as muscle movement and numerous other bodily processes.

ALCAR has been demonstrated in studies to enhance cognitive function, especially in patients who are experiencing age-related deterioration. Carnitine levels in elderly animals are around 20% lower than in younger animals, according to one study, and treatment with ALCAR managed to restore them. 

In a survey of older men and women aged 70 to 88, individuals who took an ALCAR supplement on a regular basis reported a substantial boost in both physical and mental vitality. The survey also indicated an enhancement in general cognitive performance.


ALCAR Managing Symptoms of Depression, Stress, and Dementia

The modes of action of L-carnitine have been studied in order to gain a better understanding of how stress might lead to depression. Researchers analyzed mice subjected to stress for long periods of time and discovered structural alterations in the amygdala.

This brain region regulates emotions, such as anxiety and fear. The amygdala’s changes are also associated with depression and anxiety.

In the course of the research, mice underwent twenty-one days of continuous confinement within a narrow area. Then researchers examined the behavior of mice. They further studied the neurons in three amygdala regions.

They discovered that nerve cells in the amygdala’s medial region grew smaller. The damage could cause a lack of ability to adjust to new situations and can cause depression.

They next conducted the chronic stress test, this time supplementing some mice with ALCAR near the conclusion of the 21-day period. The animals who received ALCAR fared much better than those who did not, and their medial amygdalas displayed greater branching or growth.

A meta-analysis from 2018 found that supplementation of ALCAR in humans dramatically reduces symptoms of depression compared to no treatment or placebo and has fewer negative effects than antidepressants that are well-known, especially for older adults. Furthermore, several studies in the evaluation found ALCAR as efficient as prescribed antidepressants in lowering symptoms of depression but with fewer adverse consequences. The typical dosage is 3 grams daily.

ALCAR is also being investigated for its potential to aid sufferers of Alzheimer’s disease- an approximate 5.8 million people in the United States were affected by it. A study conducted in 1998 revealed that every day ALCAR supplementation led to improved cognitive functioning and reduced the progress of Alzheimer’s disease in patients under the age of 61.

Recent research has confirmed the initial findings, demonstrating that the sooner patients begin to take ALCAR, the more efficient it becomes. For at least three months, doses ranging from 1.5 to 3 g. per day demonstrate considerable increases in cognitive function that are more than a hundred times higher than placebo and significant improvement in memory, attention, and cognitive functioning.


Final Thoughts

Due to its capacity to pass through the brain-blood membrane and help aid in healthy mitochondria, energy, and production within the brain, as well as reducing inflammation and oxidative damage, ALCAR has proven to be a beneficial supplement to protect the brain.



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