Which Health Supplements To Take According To Life Stage

June 22, 2023

The global pandemic resulted in a booming global market for immune health and probiotic supplements. What was surprising was the fact that the supplements were used by adults and children alike. More consumers are leaning towards probiotic supplements because almost 70 percent of our immune system is present in the digestive tract.

Moreover, our gut activates the body’s defense mechanism against harmful pathogens. Many research studies are underway to identify how probiotics affect the immune system in different life stages.


Immunity In Infants

Contrary to common belief, immune health starts developing when the child is growing inside the mother’s womb. How the infant is delivered and fed in the initial stage of life plays a part in the development of gut health. The first three years of life are crucial in this regard.

Bacterial imbalance during microbiota development can lead to disorders such as eczema, allergies, and other risks. Different probiotic strains are given to infants to provide them with lactobacilli to ensure immune health and microbiota development.

Generally, supplements are given to mothers from 5 weeks of pregnancy to six months after birth. In the case of infants, the powder is sprinkled on top of food or mixed with milk.


Immunity In Kids

Children are more prone to contracting colds than adults, but probiotics can help prevent children from getting sick frequently and boost their overall immunity. Consuming probiotic supplements stimulate the immune system and prevents the growth of pathogens in the gut. It boosts health considerably, reducing the number of sick days in children.

Some strains even help maintain respiratory health in young children and reduce the severity of cold symptoms. Most manufacturers are looking for strains to help children fully enjoy their youth without missing school days.


Immunity In Adults

The most common immune health concerns in adults under the age of 55 are related to the respiratory system. Most people suffer from upper respiratory tract illnesses but consuming the right probiotic strains can lower this risk considerably.

Different strains are needed for adults above 55 years to help preserve their declining immune system. Some strains have proved to be effective in maintaining gut health in elderly citizens. But the demand for such supplements continues to increase with each passing day.


Final Thoughts

No matter how old you get, you will always need to take care of your immune system, and probiotic supplements are your best bet at strengthening immunity to fight off pathogens.These supplements can be taken at any life stage, even before birth.

Mothers consume them and give them to infants directly after birth. Some special supplements are specifically designed to tailor the requirements of athletes, allowing them to benefit from improved respiratory health without feeling exertion from the exercise.

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